Michelangelo – liberazioni

The artwork “Michelangelo – Liberazioni”, code 1220, 150×120 cm, year 2015, belongs to the cycle of artworks: Michelangelo our contemporary. This title paraphrases the name of one of  the classics in the history of  teather: Shakespeare our contemporary, by Jan Ko. On his book, the author indicates the criteria to establish the contemporaneity of an artist from the past, which can be valid for Shakespeare as for Michelangelo.

The nexus to a text of dramaturgical investigation also help us to reveal the theatricality of the artworks of Ester Maria Negretti. In these paintings, inspired by Michelangelo’s preparatory sketches for the Sistine Chapel, shadows, lights and material volumes try to free themselves from constricting geometric forms by sending the body “on stage” as an exterior symbol of an inner dynamism.

Referring to the unfinished Michelangelo’s prisoners and sculptures, a metaphor of humanity, Negretti sees «men in chains forced into an immobility of shape. But also men who fight, who want to get out of the shadows, from the spiral “of a black hole” that keeps them in a stagnant everyday life, made of little hope».

Michelangelo - liberazioni