The artwork “Liberazioni”, code 729, 120×100 cm, year 2010, is the first seed of what will happen in 2015 through the investigation of an everyday life that grips the human being. It will cross the interpretation of Michelangelo’s work bringing it back to the present day to affirm its contemporaneity.

In a time of great uncertainty such as this, Negretti’s art can represent a starting point, a rebirth. The visitor’s gaze can navigate, once accepted the ruins, towards the revelation that a different future is possible.

This artwork is less logically definable, far from the canons and rules of the various forms of research establish. Ester Maria Negretti, through her vision of art, brings an original contribution to the world and the spirit of the times in which we live through footprints, marks, traces that live their two-dimensional fixities in complete solitude, but at the same time in constant search for a possible dialogue beyond the idea, the thought… an inner reflection. A work full of signs of decay and ruin, but also of optimism and originality, and therefore of revelations. In this artwork of 2010 is a serious illness to hit the man represented. The furrows created in the matter by 10 gun shots are worth noting. 

In the work of Ester Maria Negretti it is life itself that is being investigated in depth, in an attempt to take the onlooker from an ancient past and accompany him far or perhaps closer than ever. The commitment of the artist is always oriented to reading and understanding the enigmatic design of existence, of a reality that invades us with deeper meanings and less apparent than what is revealed in everyday life.