Colori a Menaggio

The artwork “Colori a Menaggio”, code 1335, 100×150 cm, year 2018, was inspired by a summer afternoon spent in the charming town of Menaggio, on Lake Como. To be collected are not only the visual suggestions and the ones from all our perceptive senses, but also different materials found on the spot, like the sand of the lake, a handful of pebbles, the newspaper of the day when I started the painting… all this with the idea of putting on the canvas the history, the life, the living experience of the place that I portrayed without, therefore, stopping at the single image. My works are becoming increasingly free from the technical and from the usual materials of painting, which are slowly disappearing to leave the field open to new experiences.

In my studio I repeat more or less the same procedure that nature continually implements in the making of universe. My artworks come to life through unusual combinations of materials that blend and separate in a game of chemical reactions. The work is thus tied to matter only by a genetic process that closely resembles the formation, through the geological ages, of new landscapes and new possible planets. It is this characteristic, together with the structure and chromatic balance of the artwork, which suggests to the onlooker to “dig”, to look for something possible beyond the image, beyond the form, beyond the visible.

The viewer is allowed to make personal readings and to see indicators of urban, natural or lake landscapes, which the title given to each piece may also suggest.