Ester Maria Negretti a Parigi!

dal 9 giugno al 2 luglio 2013
inaugurazione: domenica 9 giugno a partire dalle ore 15 sarà presente l’artista in galleria
catalogo francese, inglese, italiano in mostra (per vederlo in anteprima vai a “Notizia Online”)
Galerie Lisette Alibert
26 place des Vosges
75003 Parigi

A young artist who makes her home in Lake Como – Italy, her output is very personal and highly attractive. For her the materials are the

essential aspect of her work.

The frequently brutal combination of varied and sometimes unexpected elements which you are about to discover, which she incorporates with oil colors by means of collage, delivers a surprising contrast with its result, which becomes very delicate and refined when viewed from a distance.

For us these powerful elements place her work straight away in the contemporary primitivism style which our gallery supports through the

group of artists whom we regularly show.

Ester Maria Negretti’s paintings show a greatly developed sense of


Even if the work as a whole seems far from any figurative account, the viewer is allowed to make personal readings and to see indicators of urban or natural landscapes, or seascapes, which the title given to each piece may also suggest. The spatial organization on the canvas demonstrates a strong sense of balance and capacity to produce effect by use of skillfully placed patches of color.

For you we have brought together here a selection which allows each of you, via a strongly coherent guiding line, to find different vibrations and emotions.